The Walking Dead thoughts (spoilers)

idk what’s going on anymore.

- Tyreese is supposed to be on Rick’s side, and they’re supposed to be best friends! I hate what they’re doing with these four awesome new people. ugh.
-Rick isn’t supposed to lose his mind this early, it’s just annoying now seeing him deal with this issue when he’s being cray.
-Andrea was never torn between the two groups, she was never supposed to be in Woodbury. she’s supposed to be cool, but the show is making her unlikable
-they made michonne unlikable, but I think that’s going to change soon.
-Beth’s character isn’t supposed to exist!

-when are Maggie and Glenn getting married!? ;(
-sort of surprised carol is still alive.

Yeah, I definitely like the comic version better. More exciting, and makes more sense.

Real fans would be upset, cuz you know: comic version > TV version.

Only good thing that happened this week in recent events

was the Glee finale. <3

So glad that Puck got to graduate. :) And although I’m a fan of Rachel and Finn’s relationship, I’m really glad that Finn loved her enough to break up. He was SERIOUSLY gunna hold Rachel back on reaching her full potential as a star. And I can totally picture him in the army. xD

I wonder what’s gunna happen to Kurt now though. o_O