When some bitch wrongfully accuses me of cheating on a test by calling me out in the MIDDLE of the exam …

In my head I’m like

I study my ass off. And do all the practice tests. SHIT. 


And in my mind this is what I do…

Just coz I’m smarter than yo ass, get A’s on errythang and all the teachers favor me don’t mean that I cheat. I’m fukking smart. And just coz you aint none of that don’t give you the right to do shit like that: interruptin the class while they’re taking the final, making us both feel like shit afterwards…FUCK. And everyone else sides with me too and tells your dumb ass to apologize to me, GAWD FUCKING DAMNNN!

Everything about The Avengers

was just perfect. <3 I wanna watch the Hulk now! He turned out to be the one that definitely made the movie the best. 

And Captain America with his charming patriotic self.

& Iron Man with his jokes and his insults.

Then Thor and his handsomeness and godlike powers.

Hawkeye and the Black Widow were awesome too. :)))) 

Even though Loki is the bad guy, he was probably my favorite character for some reason.

Btw, you should stay til the credits end coz there’s some stuffs to see.